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The top two reasons for buying a new mattress are: to ensure a good night’s sleep every time you lie down for the night and ensure that you’re taking care of your back especially, and, entire body in general. What if you’re not conversant with the different types of mattresses available? You risk making a purchase without the insight necessary to guide you to picking the best mattress for your lifestyle and sleep patterns. This need not be so, however, because after reading on, you’ll understand all the important checklists to cross off when choosing a mattress.

There are five main types of mattress sold in Canada, namely innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, organic mattresses and inflatable air mattresses.

The most commonly sold, and, in a big way most popular, is the innerspring mattress. Other than being widely available across the nation, this type of mattress is also quite affordable and the obvious choice for many young adults just starting out in life and people moving out to live independently. It comes in different designs, each offering a range of configurations that allow you to adjust the comfort level. In some designs, the mattress is layered to provide varying levels of comfort as needed. In others, the coils/innersprings can be adjusted for better support and greater comfort. While it is largely a good mattress, the innerspring mattress’ biggest shortcoming is motion isolation. If you’ll be sleeping alone, this is not a problem but it will be when you share the bed.

Organic mattresses have increasingly become popular, not surprising given the many good reports these types of mattresses elicit from users. Many individuals struggling with allergic reactions find relief in using an organic mattress, thanks to its hypoallergenic property. This is possible because the mattress is made using natural materials only – organic cotton, wool or 100% natural rubber latex. No chemicals are used at any stage during the manufacture and processing of the mattress. The only con with the organic mattress is that it tends to be costlier than other mattresses. But, given its extreme comfort and the many health benefits it brings forth, the price certainly seems like a small compromise you’ll be willing to make.

Memory foam mattresses, as the name suggests, are made from memory foam or flexible polyurethane foam. They’re most notable for their ability to conform to the shape of your body during use, ensuring focused support for the neck and back. The mattress goes back to its original shape once you get up and retains its good form for a considerable number of years. Because of the nature of the material they’re made from, memory foam mattresses can be allergenic to some people.

If you like having control over how firm the mattress feels on any given night, an inflatable air mattress may be just the mattress for you. The mattress comes with a pump by which you can inflate the mattress to a suitable level.

Whichever mattress you eventually settle for, it should be comfortable and promote relaxation. It’s also important to pick a mattress in the right size, thickness and firmness, as all these contribute to the comfort of the mattress.